The Yash Chopra Foundation
About Us

The Yash Chopra Foundation aims to sustain livelihoods of casual workers employed by the film industry. The Covid-19 pandemic has hit film workers hard, making daily wage earners highly vulnerable to poverty and hardship.

The Foundation supports vulnerable film workers with a minimum basic support system that draws upon the universal basic support principle. Interventions include food rations, support in health care and direct cash transfers. 

In its commitment and activities, Yash Chopra Foundation aims to become a friend to those in need within the film industry. The Foundation has created a unique tool for beneficiaries with the Saathi Card, which offers holistic sustainable support.


Vision and Mission

The Yash Chopra Foundation aims to build and extend a sustained minimum basic support system in line with global norms of the universal basic support principle. This effort will grow in a planned and sustained manner.

Yash Chopra Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Yash Raj Films Pvt. Ltd., aims to play a significant role in addressing India’s development challenges through innovative and sustainable solutions. Led by Founder and Chairperson Mr. Aditya Chopra, Yash Chopra Foundation, is relentlessly working towards facilitating transformative changes to ensure overall well-being and higher quality of life for all. So far, the Foundation and YRF CSR committee have ensured that sustainable goals of the organization serve as pillars of the Company’s core business activities. The Foundation first began work with underserved people of the film industry who often don’t have access to knowledge or information on best practices and are vulnerable. With new initiatives and engagement during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Foundation has expanded its scope of work with a commitment to building a better future.


Actions and Initiatives

So far, the Yash Chopra Foundation has carried out several initiatives to support the government’s efforts and to help film workers during the pandemic. These include:

  • Ration delivery to homes of film workers during the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Direct benefit transfers for Women and Senior Citizens.
  • Supplying cooked meals to quarantine Centers from the YRF Studios kitchen.
  • Vaccination support through the Yash Chopra Foundation (including transport and vaccine awareness).


Scope and Domain

Film workers and labourers have been a continuous and integral support to building the rich cinematic legacy and expansion of Yash Raj Films. Since its inception in 1970, under the visionary leadership of the late Yash Chopra, it has relied upon continuous support and disciplined labors of film workers from the film industry. The Foundation acknowledges this contribution by extending a committed helping hand to those that need it the most.

With the Saathi card and basic minimum support, it targets offering long-term assistance in building livelihoods. With an eye to the future, the Foundation will offer continuous engagement in the form of Saathi Card benefits.

A Friend in Need - Saathi Card

To ensure effective implementation of minimum basic support, the Foundation has launched the first of its kind Saathi Card, a unique tool to access preferential, sustained and structured benefits spanning healthcare, education, life skills support and ration. Built on the global principle of minimum basic support, this card takes aid ahead with crucial benefits for beneficiaries.

This card will act as an identity to provide specific benefits to members in a hassle-free and simple manner through selected outlets and specific services. Each form of support has trusted and esteemed partner organizations working to make basic minimum support sustainable and successful.

  • Health
  • Ration
  • Education
  • Life Skills Awareness Building


As good health and living well have become priorities for everyone, access to medical care makes a difference to a film worker. Saathi Card holders will get

  • Health insurance up to 2 lakh
  • Free annual health checkup and 12% discount on all medical services at the reputed Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Institute in Mumbai
  • 20% discount on cataract treatment services from the reputed Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Institute
  • 10% discount on medicines from a reputed chemist’s chain, Noble Plus, in Mumbai & Pune


To ensure that no worker or their family sleeps on an empty stomach during the pandemic, Yash Chopra Foundation has offered free ration deliveries to workers’ homes and also delivered nutritious cooked meals at quarantine centers. Taking this commitment to nutritious, healthy food ahead, the Foundation will offer ration vouchers from a reputed grocery superstore chain in Mumbai with both online and offline purchase facilities.



In an environment where children of financially marginalized families have dropped off online schooling and started to work for a living, universal free education for all needs to be bolstered by private industry. Saathi Card holders will get the following benefits in school education

  • Financial support on school fees for students from Grade (I-XII)
  • Financial support for stationery items for students

Life Skills Awareness Building

Often, film workers lack awareness of different forms of employment, which could use their skills and also employ their children / family members. Saathi Card holders will benefit from an Inspiring and Thought-Provoking Talk Series.

From industry experts, this series will impart knowledge on choices to achieve higher standard of living; covering topics around automation, future of jobs, health & well-being for effective choices on better standard of life.

Life Skills
Registration Process

To register for the Saathi Card, applicants will be required to fill a registration form, ensuring accurate information. A pre-defined criterion is in place to ensure maximum benefits for those most in need of help.

Criteria Specifics:

  • Applicant needs to be a registered member of the film federation.
  • Needs to be of 35 years and above.
  • Needs to have at least one direct dependent.
  • Will require residential address of Mumbai, Maharashtra.

While our aim is to support as many members as possible, registration does not guarantee approval.

Upon selection, Yash Chopra Foundation team would be intimating applicants through calls, WhatsApp, emails and / or messages. Selected applicants will be provided with a Saathi Card along with a leaflet of the terms and conditions, with mention of our partnered avenues.

Saathi Card beneficiaries would be required to present the card in the avenues to avail the benefits.


How to Apply

All applicants who qualify under the mentioned criteria, are requested to register through the link provided below:


On successful registration, the applicant will be intimated directly.

Please reach out through the Email ID in case of any further queries on the same.