YRF Licensing

YRF’s licensing division is entrusted with the task of protecting its vast repertoire under the Copyright Act and monetizing content through licensing to all possible mediums such as Television, Radio, Consumer Products, Films, Print Media etc. and through Public Performance Licenses (which covers a wide range of shops and establishments, hotels, restaurants, ground events etc.) and other outside parties who intend to use any of YRF’s intellectual property (IP).

The scope of licensing extends to soundtrack, dialogues, lyrics, scripts, films, song videos, audio-visual, photos, film titles and a whole lot of other properties, in which the copyrights are owned and controlled by YRF. Use of any of this by an outsider (Individual and / or a Company – even a Government Entity) requires taking an advance license from YRF at commercially acceptable terms.

The licensing division has entered into MOUs with almost all TV channels and radio broadcasters to use YRF’s content at mutually agreed licensing fee. It has also issued many licenses for various cross brand, in-film and other usage of its content by various companies where YRF’s content has played an important role for these brands / products. The division also issues Public Performance Licenses through its agency, Novex.

With growing demand for licensing of YRF’s audio and video repertoire and other properties, this division plays a crucial role in revenue exploitation of its popular content. The licensing division operations are handled from Mumbai. 

Point of Contact
Mr. Ramnarayanan Ramaswamy (Associate Vice President – Home Entertainment & Licensing)

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