The communications team is committed to delivering accurate, honest messaging and content about the company's varied projects, talent and ventures.

While a lot is done in this world, not much is known unless this information is shared with the media and audiences. The communications team presents achievements and endeavours of the YRF family inclusive of our trend setting films, ongoing projects of the beautiful, blessed YRF talent and innovative digital content ventures. We speak to media globally and across India, and to the entire YRF family here at home.

Each YRF film is watched and reported on with eagerness and enthusiasm. Communications ensures that all that needs to be known is known in the best possible manner on suitable media platforms. With communications around films, we reach out with clarity and focus. Talking about films also involves highlighting the creative and brilliant work that its cast and crew have delivered. In the course of managing a film's image and public relations, the goal is to be clear, direct and creative.

At YRF talent management, a dynamic and dedicated team nurtures young, talented and ambitious actors and performers. As they evolve to stardom and success, the communications team reaches out to audiences and the media about their achievements, ongoing projects and endeavours. Presenting a clear image and communicating with fan followings and audience bases of each individual Yash Raj talent is essential - and communications work towards doing just that across print, broadcast and digital mediums.

A crucial part of achieving result oriented communications around this boutique talent pool is to clarify media queries. Such queries are welcomed and addressed with speed to ensure a correct flow of information and avoid misinterpretation.

As a company, YRF has pioneered films across genres, scale and content. It's among the foremost film banners to have many successful firsts.

It becomes significant to communicate factual and relevant information to all about various activities of YRF. While communicating outside and within the company, we focus on accuracy and clarity. Communications handles updates, press related communications and key information within the company and outside. The team also handles conversations with all verticals of the media and specific enquiries about the company's multiple ventures and projects.

Point of Contact
Mr. Prithwish Ganguly (Vice President - Talent & Communications Strategy)
Ms. Tanya Datta (General Manager - Communications & PR)

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