YRF Studios

YRF StudiosYRF opened a state-of-the-art, fully integrated film studio in 2005. This one-of-its-kind studio houses three sound stages and is the only complete soundproof and air-conditioned studio in India. The Audio Wing houses the most advanced audio recording and post-production facilities.

The studios are built to international standards and have the right reverberation time with the lowest air-conditioning and environment noise. This has been achieved and designed by studio Designer Mr. Martin Pilchner (of Pilchner Schoustal International Inc. USA), who has, among other projects, also designed post production facilities for various members of the Hollywood fraternity, including Steven Spielberg & M. Night Shyamalan.

The talents & tools that are offered to the film industry and multimedia producers are the best and most updated. It is a winning combination of uniquely creative work environment with technical excellence and an award-winning team of technicians.

The studio has a fully functional cafeteria & canteen that can cater to the needs of the entire production staff at reasonable rates. The delicious meals prepared at the studio are comparable to any ‘A’ grade restaurant in the city. The studio also has a fully equipped gymnasium with the latest technology for artists and senior technicians.

Customer service, client comfort and satisfaction are key factors for the studios.

These studio facilities, the biggest in India for indoor shootings, provide a vertically integrated array of complete services to an ever-increasing broad range of professionals in the Entertainment Industry.

This studio is just another step towards the dream of consolidating YRF as the most complete Entertainment Conglomerate of India.

Point of Contact 

Mr. Gaurav Chomal (General Manager)

YRF Studios Diagram Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Stage 01
  • 142' (length) x 80' (width) x 29' (height)
  • Lighting Grid / Catwalk
  • 200 KW Power & AC provided
  • Self-levelled Mastek floor
Stage 02
  • 110' (length) x 70' (width) x 25' (height)
  • Lighting Grid / Catwalk
  • 200 KW Power & AC provided
  • Self-levelled Mastek floor
Stage 03
  • 110' (length) x 60' (width) x 25' (height)
  • Lighting Grid / Catwalk
  • 200 KW Power & AC provided
  • Self-levelled Mastek floor
YRF Audio Wing Diagram  Recording Theatre 1 Film Mix Theatre & Tracking Recording Theatre 1 Dubbing Suite Foley Suite YFX

This Studio (50 feet x 45 feet) can accommodate an 80-piece Orchestra. Equipped with AMS NEVE 88R and Pro Tools, it has four ISO booths with a large 5.1 surround monitoring Control Room. Background scores can be done by viewing screens in the Studio and the Control Room.


  • Control Room: 990 sq. ft., Live Room: 2200 sq. ft.,
  • ISO Booth 1 & 2: 125 sq. ft., ISO Booth 3 & 4:175 sq. ft.
    • CONSOLE: NEVE 88R 48 channels, 96 Inputs, Moving faders, Encore Automation.
    • MAIN MONITORS: GENELEC 1036 (5 nos.) custom designed, GENELEC Sub 7073.
    • NEAR FIELD MONITORS: DYNAUDIO M2 passive, CHORD amplifiers, GENELEC Sub 7073.
    • DAW: Pro Tools Ultimate HDX- 2 With Mac pro cylinder, HD I/O (2 no’s) PRISM ADA-8XR (2 nos.), HD Sync I/O box, MIDI box, ROSENDAHL Sync Reference Generator. With all essential plugins for pitch Correction, voice processing and all kind of dynamic plugins and UAD Octo Core accelerator for UAD plugins and waves Mercury bundle.
    • OUTBOARD PROCESSORS: SSL X-Logic Super Analogue Channel Strips (2 nos.), GML 2020 Pre / Eq / Comp (2 nos.),AVALON VT 737 sp Pre / Eq / Comp (2 nos.), SSL X-Logic Multichannel 5.1 Compressor, MANLEY Slam, MANLEY vari µ Limiter compressor, MANLEY pultec EQP1-A stereo equalizer, MANLEY dual Mono Tube D.I. (2 nos.). API 512c (x2),API 550 b (x2), Shadow Hills Mono Gamma (x2), Oram Sonicomp Stereo, Oram dual channel MWS, Distressor EL8XS Imperial lab comp/lim.(2 nos), Bricasti M7 reverb.
    • EFFECTS PROCESSORS: LEXICON 960L, TC Electronics 4000, TC Electronics D2, EVENTIDE H 8000 with remote, Bricasti M7.
    • MICROPHONES: NEUMAN 149's (2 No’s), NEUMAN U-87, M-147 (2 No’s), NEUMAN 184's(2 No’s), BRAUNER phantom V (2 Nos), VM1 TUBE, SONY C800G, SENNHEISER 421's ( 5 No’s), SHURE SM 57 (2 No’s), SOUNDFIELD SPS-422B Microphone system, DPA 4006's (3 No’s), AkG 414 XL stereo set, U47 FET, AkG D112, Royer 122 one set., NEUMAN KM184 (2No’s)
    • HEADPHONES: DT102's, Sennheiser and AkG. BEHRINGER Headphone Distribution amp.
Other Facilities
  • Rehearsal Hall
  • Make-Up Room
  • Producer's Room
  • Artist's Lounge
  • Executive Dining Room
  • Gymnasium

Rehearsal Hall

A huge dedicated hall for rehearsals of songs, events, shoots etc.

Rehearsal Hall at YRF Studios 

Make-Up Room

The Studio has 18 Make up rooms with 40” LED TV, a refrigerator, a direct dial telephone facility & High speed Internet access.


Producer's Room

The Producer/Director room can be used as an on-site office and is equipped with High speed Internet, Direct dial telephone facility & a meeting table.

Producers Room at YRF Studios 

Artist's Lounge

The Studio has two exotic lounges for the artists and senior technicians.


Executive Dining Room

There is an executive dining room for the senior crew and actors.

Executive Dining Room at YRF Studios 


The Studio also has a fully equipped Gymnasium.

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YRF Studios

Audio Wing

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