1. Introduction/ about the character:

This is one character I immediately connected with because when I gave the audition for this film, Parmeet had taken the audition himself, I had not read the script. I was given one scene and I said yes to the film based on that one scene.

Zing by nature is a carefree person. He will do anything for his friends. At the same time he is his own boss. Nobody can say something if he doesn’t like something he will definitely speak out against it. He is a rebel in that sense. He is also a big time alcoholic. That is one of his banes or vices. By heart is a very nice fellow.

One thing that connected very much that he is a guy from the north east. There is a chip on his shoulder, on a subconscious level. He does everything for his friends. So when his friends tease him he doesn’t say anything because he loves his friends very much. He doesn’t really mind. Which is why when the company is formed, he readily says yes.

2. How close is Zing to Chang in real life:

I didn’t know how much my role was in the film. When I got the call from Yashraj movies that there is an upcoming project. In my mind I had already said yes no matter what the role is. And when I went to the office, Parmeet gave me a scene in which I had to shout at someone, who at the audition was Parmeet. I really liked the basic character sketch to me. And I guess what Adi (Aditya Chopra) and Parmeet really wanted was a guy who had a certain look (which I did!). I was supposed to look a certain way so I guess I fit the role.

3. Working with Co-Stars

Shahid Kapoor: I could not have asked for a better set of people to work with. Not only the costars but also the director, the crew, the DOP. Kyunki bahut suna hai ki jab koi naya aata hai toh everyone bullies them! They try to bog that person down, but nothing like this happened. Speaking on an individual basis, In fact, when I first met Shahid, I thought he was very reserved. I always knew he was a great actor who has worked very hard to be where he is. He is a very talented person He has not come from a ‘starry’ background. When we were starting the movie, Kaminey was about to release. That helped me break the ice because we had something to talk about! I really liked his work I told him and I would say that he has really helped me during the making of this film. This being my first movie, many a time I was in a tough spot – didn’t know what to do, cheating the camera etc. Because he has an eye for detail he is very focused which really helps. I guess you learn a lot from the people you work with!

Anushka: Anushka – the first impression I had of her was that she is probably very stuck up! That’s because my first scene I shot for the film was with her which was a montage shot in our disguises. We were delayed and the shot wasn’t happening. Parmeet was very busy so I was trying to talk to Anushka. “You’re looking nice”, “so what has been happening” etc. and she hardly spoke to me! Then when I said bye she totally ignored me! But as the movie progressed, I realized that she is a very genuine person, always stands by what she believes and is very confident. Apart from the advice she gives me she is so strong in her beliefs, I forget who is older! That’s what I really like about her. Even though she is the ‘baccha’ on the set as compared to us uncles. Anushka is a very headstrong person and that will help her in her future. She has also done a contrasting role as compared to what she has done in her first movie. She is growing as an actor. She is very considerate I really like her.

Vir: Vir is a very dangerous person to be around! Jab aapke aas paas koi stand up comedian hota hai aapko maalom hai ki who aapki choti choti cheezon ko bhi pakadkar aapka bakra bana denge! Because that is vir and that is what he does for a living! As he says – if you’re in my front row I will screw you over! Because this being my first movie, I realized there is a lot of waiting around. A lot of things are setup before each shot, preparations are going on, so I spent all that time with Vir. All that jamming, he’s is also a musician. He is very entertaining, all those conversations, his jokes, he is a very good friend, and he is a very good actor! It not the typical Bollywood thing, but kuch toh hai, something different. He is a very nice person, very helpful. So as I said, “I could not have asked for a better team to work with in my first movie”.

Parmeet: When I met Parmeet for the first time, we were discussing that particular scene, of course not the script as such. Initially I was very apprehensive, because I knew he had been in the industry for a very long time and now he was going to be a director too. So didn’t know how to approach him. On top of that the scene that I was doing was a very intense scene which required me to fight with him! So double tension! But during the film I realized that he’s very sorted with what he wants from all of us. He has written the script which just reads like a breeze. And you know that when something reads that well, it will translate that well on screen. Parmeet has handled both very well – writing and direction. I really like his way of explaining things to me. Very clear cut; whenever in doubt, he will always explain the logic behind doing that particular scene in that way. So we never did anything illogical! There are certain scenes in the movie when he has really pumped me up, because they required a huge amount of motivation. He will come and press you into the chair etc, to put you into the mood. “Imagine they have dropped you into the ground”. These small things really matter! He treated all of us really well. And he is also an actor – so he understands the nuances better, and so explain us better. Whenever we had mood swings, he understood that as well. It’s been a really good experience working with him. Since it’s his first film, I wish him all the best and hope this movie does really well for him. And all of us.

4. The film is set in the early 1990s. The look was different. You used different disguises. Do you want to talk about that.

Since im from the North-East, and it’s not a myth, that people there dress very well. It’s a saying that even if you don’t have food to eat, you will be dressed impeccably! And that’s the brief I got. So Parmeet and me sat and discussed on the rings, accessories, the hair, the whole look. But then since this movie moves from pre-rich to post-rich, there are 2 distinct looks. They were discussed and then finally executed very well. And then we have some disguises in the movie. Especially the sequence we have done in Hyderabad. We had very little time and too many disguises! And the main problem is – whatever disguise you give me, I still end up looking ‘chinky’!! the first disguise I had was that of a Muslim. They made me wear a beard, the dress, everything to make me look like that! But I still ended up looking like myself because of my features.

5. Do you want to talk about Sanjay, the DOP:

Sanjay is like a gentle giant. He is very sweet. I had worked with him on an ad film before this and I found him to be a very talented person. And one thing that really strikes me about him a person is that he is an extremely patient person. He is so patient, that I wonder how he works while so much is going on around him! He is just so focused on his work. But once his work is done and he is off sets, he is not patient and gentle anymore, in fact he can really take your case!

6. What do you think of the music of Badmaash Company:

The Badmaash Company music has been given by Pritam superhit Chakraborty. The strong point of YRF movies has always been its strong music and so it is with BC as well  there are certain bits and pieces of different songs. Like the guitar of Ayaashi, and unconventional lyrics of Chaska. But my favorite song from the movie is Jingle Jingle because one I really like Mohit Chauhans voice, plus it’s really a easy going song. It’s an innocent song. There is no shouting from the rooftops that ‘this is what I want’! It’s just innocent vibe and ambition wishing for all the things that I want. These are my wishes and my hopes. (sings) Jingle-Jingle, Chaska and Badmaash Company

7. How was it working with YRF:

(Grins broadly) Yashraj really knows how to pamper its actors. They really take care of you, even when you make a mistake they are so forgiving and accommodating about it. YRF is one of the biggest production houses, it’s not only about the stars and the hit films, the atmosphere inside YRF is so loving. The work culture is so nice. They work with so much love. It’s like a huge family working. That’s what makes it the biggest production house.

8. The film has been shot in many parts of the world. Which was the best place?

I liked shooting in Thailand the most because of a lot of reasons. We had just come back from the US where it was very cold, all the intense scenes had been shot there. So by the time we came back to Bangkok only the fun scenes were left. Even though we didn’t understand the language of the Thai crew many times, the ADs were a huge help and we ended up having a lot of fun. There was a lot of shopping, great weather so ended up having the most fun.

9. Did you gamble?

I would never take any risk with my money!

10. Pattaya beach party:

The entire crew went for a late night swim on the beach. We had been shooting for the past 2 days which was quite tough! There was like an onslaught on the 5 senses. So we all went for a late night swim, there was Ahmed, everyone else. And everybody ws having fun. But the highlight was – we were already in the water and the high tide started coming in. we were all relaxed because we didn’t know what or how fast it would come. And suddenly within seconds, the water started coming, and everybody ran out of the way! It was off screen, but it was too much fun !!

11. Ahmed:

Ahmed is like a teddy bear! You really feel like hugging him! And I say that because I am like his official punching bag. Because whenever he wants to crack a joke, he does it at my expense! Like for example when we were shooting for the music video a piece of the chandelier fell down, and Ahmed exclaimed – oh shit, chang was saved! But hes done so many films, he’s always craving to do something new so he brings this freshness when he comes on set. A lot of positivity and energy. He is very friendly also. I would like to thank him that he did not make me dance. But when we were shooting for chaska, he pulled a fast one on Vir and me. He told his assistant to show vir and me a really complicated step and told us that we had to do it. So we kept practicing it and it was so embarrassing because Shahid would have done it in like 2 seconds! But after 2 hours ahmed came and told us that it was a joke!