Taaruk Raina


When opportunity knocks on your door, smart folks open up to it and lay out the red carpet. 21-year-old Taaruk Raina’s story is one of opportunity coming to a talented, bright young person and delivering real humour on the web.

Delhi boy Taaruk Raina moved to Australia to pursue Culture Studies, but nurtured his love for music. In school, he was part of a band. When he got a chance to play one of the Jumbo Jutts for Y-Films he grabbed this opportunity and gave it his best. A hilarious series that interprets global music chartbusters in pure Hindi, it’s about two young musicians from Hrishikesh dreaming of making it big in the music business. Taaruk has assisted Aditya Chopra in Befikre too. Learning the ropes of showbiz, and starting young has borne fruit for him - as the concept of Jumbo Jutts begins to steadily grow in its appeal.

Films as an Actor: HIGH JACK (2018), PAWAN & POOJA (Web Series).