Yeh Dillagi (Game of Love)

Release Date: 06 May 1994

Sapna (Kajol), the daughter of the Saigal family's driver, is a simple, fun-loving girl, but her dreams are not as simple. She envies the rich and comfortable lifestyle of the Saigal family and dreams to be rich herself someday.

Vijay Saigal (Akshay Kumar) and Vicky Saigal (Saif Ali Khan) are heirs to the Saigal Industries. Vijay, an introvert by nature runs the entire Saigal family business, while Vicky is an irresponsible Casanova and an outrageous flirt. An incident causes friction between them, when he hurts Sapna and reminds her of being from a lower status. 

Sapna leaves her small town to come to Bombay - a city of dreams, where luck favours her and success embraces her. Her talent and hard work stands out and she gets noticed among her peers and becomes the country’s topmost model. That's when she becomes Vicky's dream girl and goes back to her home town to avenge her insult. 

Big brother, Vijay takes upon himself to iron out the differences, but gets attracted by Sapna's simplicity and finds himself falling in love with her. On the other hand, Vicky also falls for Sapna’s charm and unlike his flirtatious self, sees himself transform into someone who understands the meaning of true love. 

How the story evolves in this complex situation among these three individuals’ forms the crux of this film, where one brother is ready to give his life for love and the other is ready to sacrifice his love for his brother's life.

Director: Naresh Malhotra

Producer: Yash Chopra

Starring: Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan, Kajol, Saeed Jaffrey, Reema Lagoo, Achyut Poddar

Music: Dilip Sen - Sameer Sen



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