Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar

Release Date: 19 March 2021

The film follows the escape of two people belonging to two different worlds within our society and the circumstances that brings them together.

Sandy Walia short for Sandeep Kaur Walia (Parineeti Chopra) is a 30 year old single, pregnant, senior banker working in a growing private sector bank now wanting to resign. Post her resignation, Sandeep and her boss decide to meet for a final 'goodbye' dinner at a high class lounge in Delhi. After waiting for a significant time, Sandy decides to leave with an old acquaintance for another party when she is secretly hauled by Pinky (Arjun Kapoor), short for Satinder Dahiya a 35 year old, divorced, suspended police officer who works with the Special Unit cell of the Delhi Police, into a car and driven off into the deserted roads of Gurgaon.

While the two drive away from the main city of Delhi, Pinky seems tense and is continuously talking to his boss over the phone who gives him directions to a barricade point. Amidst all the confusion, Pinky's intuition kicks in and he decides to give wrong information as a result of which both Sandy and Pinky watch a false car being attacked in front of their eyes, killing everyone inside.

From this moment onwards, Sandy and Pinky realise that they are marked for a kill and have to run to be alive. A deal is cracked between the two where they plan to cross the Indian border and escape to Nepal post which the two would go their own way.

Throughout their journey together, while they are continuously being chased by the 'big people' who want them dead, Sandy and Pinky reveal themselves in ways that affect each other and make them reflect on their lives in the past. The people they meet on this journey, both influence and are influenced by them. They bring them to a final internal realisation on what 'escaping' or 'freedom' actually means to them.

Cast: Parineeti Chopra, Arjun Kapoor, Neena Gupta, Raghubir Yadav, Jaideep Ahlawat
Directed & Produced by: Dibakar Banerjee
Music: Anu Malik
Director of Photography: Anil Mehta [ISC.WICA]
Background Music: Dibakar Banerjee
Title Design: Indrajit Nattoji
DI: RedChillies.Color
Action: Parvez Khan
Casting: Casting Bay
Sound Design: Nithin Lukose
Additional Music: Narendra Chandra
Choreography: Vaibhavi Merchant
Additional Editing: Paramita Ghosh
Editing: Bakul Baljeet Matiyani
Costume Design: Rohit Chaturvedi
Production Design: Aparna Sud, Garima Mathur
Line Production: Skywalk Films
Executive Producers: Smriti Jain, Gaurav Mishra
Writer: Dibakar Banerjee, Varun Grover
Vfx: Prana Studios



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