Lafangey Parindey (Dare To Dream)

Release Date: 20 August 2010

A dash of style with loads of attitude and a hunger to reach the stars, LAFANGEY PARINDEY is about a group of youngsters living in the backstreets of Mumbai. It is an unusual love story of Nandu (Neil Nitin Mukesh) and Pinky (Deepika Padukone) whose path to love is paved by friendship, grit and hope.

He is wild. He is born to fight. He is One-Shot Nandu. For the raw, champion street fighter, one-shot is literally what it takes. Absolutely wild, fierce, and hungry to win, this fighter takes boxing to a new level by knocking down his opponents – BLINDFOLDED. Needless to say, One-Shot lives life on his own terms and is a local hero amongst his friends. But all that soon changes, when he meets Pinky Palkar. 

She is blind. She is born to fly. She is Pinky Palkar. A unique girl, a powerhouse of talent! On one hand she works at a regular, boring 9-to-5 job at a mall but on the other hand, she is a kickass dancer on skates! Strong headed, talented and fiercely ambitious – these traits make up Pinky Palkar's deadly personality. Her life's ambition is only one – to rise above all the 'losers' living in her locality and carve a niche for herself. She will use her talent to show the others that she can win in life. There is only one, tiny, obstacle… She is blind

LAFANGEY PARINDEY. Two different personalities. Two different lives. Destined to meet. 

Set in the grungy streets of Mumbai, LAFANGEY PARINDEY is an unusual, edgy love story about the never say die spirit even when your last chip is down. It is an intriguing journey of a blindfolded street fighter and a blind dancer who, along with four friends, set out to achieve the impossible. 

Born wild, will one-shot Nandu ever learn to love? 
Born to fly, will Pinky Palkar ever learn to see?

Director: Pradeep Sarkar

Producer: Aditya Chopra

Starring: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Deepika Padukone

Special Appearance: Kay Kay Menon

Also Starring: Piyush Mishra, Manish Chaudhary, Viraj Adhav, Namit Das, Vinay Sharma, Palomi, Amey Pandya

Story, Screenplay and Dialogue: Gopi Puthran

Director of Photography: N. Nataraja Subramanian

Music: R. Anandh

Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire

Executive Producer: Aashish Singh & Panchali Sarkar

Editor: Sanjib Datta

Action Director: Sham Kaushal

Director of Choreography: Bosco Ceasar Inc.

Skating Choreography: Sandro Guerra

Sound: Bishwadeep Chatterjee & Nihar Ranjan Samal

Production Design: Eldridge Rodrigues & Madhu Sarkar Kuriakose

Background Score: Zubin Balaporia

Publicity Design: Fayyaz Badruddin (YRF - Design Cell)

Playback Singers: KK, Mohit Chauhan, Shilpa Rao, Anushka Manchanda, Shail Hada, Suraj Jagan, Ronit Sarkar



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