Faasle (In The Name Of Love)

Release Date: 27 September 1985

Vikram (Sunil Dutt) is a proud and wealthy man who unabashedly adores his motherless daughter Chandni (Farah ). Widowed early, he brought up his daughter Chandni (Farah) and son Sanjay (Farooq Shaikh) sacrificing his own personal happiness, choosing and illicit affair over marriage, to the wise & passionate Maya (Rekha).

The spoilt and adored Chandni, the flirtations Sanjay and their orphaned childhood friend Sheetal (Deepti Naval), all live together cosseted and happy until Vijay (Rohan Kapoor) gallops into their lives on his proverbial sleed and steals Chandni's heart.

The course of true love never runs smooth and her father's disapproval and her impending arranged marriage continues to widen the chasm between Chandni and Vijay.

FAASLE (the gap)... the gap between the blind sense of duly inculcated by the older generation and the self-confidence and arrogance of the youth... the gap between a father's love and the passion of a lifetime... the gap between the mind and the heart... a gap between the privileged and the under-privileged... 

Director: Yash Chopra

Producer: Yash Chopra (Yash Raj Films)

Cast: Sunil Dutt, Rekha, Rohan Kapoor, Farah, Farooq Shaikh, Deepti Naval, Raj Kiran

Music: Shiv-Hari

Lyrics: Shahryar



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