Bank Chor (Bank Thief)

Release Date: 16 June 2017

Introducing the worst Bank Chor EVER: Champak Chandrakant Chiplunkar, a simple Marathi manoos played by Riteish Deshmukh who picks the worst day possible to rob a bank. To make matters worse, he recruits 2 idiots from Delhi who’ve never even picked a pocket in their lives. Now top that off with the craziest bunch of hostages including a high-strung housewife, a hyper chef, a possibly undercover cop… and Baba Sehgal. How could it be worse, right?

Wrong! Enter tough as nails supercop, CBI officer Amjad Khan played by Vivek Anand Oberoi, who shoots first and interrogates later. And a mad media circus outside led by fashion journo turned crime reporter Gayatri Ganguly aka Gaga played by Rhea Chakraborty. And you know the Bankchors are up for the worst day of their lives. Yet. The film promises to be a crazy roller-coaster ride with thrills, chills and certainly lots of spills.

Director: Bumpy

Producer: Ashish Patil

Starring: Riteish Deshmukh, Vivek Anand Oberoi, Rhea Chakraborty, Sahil Vaid, Bhuvan Arora & Vikram Thapa

Story: Baljeet Singh Marwah & Bumpy

Screenplay: Baljeet Singh Marwah, Bumpy, Omkar Sane & Ishita Moitra Udhwani 

Dialogues: Ishita Moitra Udhwani 

Music: Shri Sriram, Kailash Kher, Rochak Kohli, Baba Sehgal & Shameer Tandon 

Background Score: Shri Sriram & Superbia 

Sound: Ganesh Gangodharan & Sameer Kumar Patra

Costume Designer: Maxima Basu 

Production Designer: Aparna Raina 

Choreographer: Adil Shaikh & Those Guys Productions 

Editor: Saurabh Kulkarni

Director of Photography: Adil Afsar

Creative Executive Producer: Nikhil Taneja 

Associate Producer: Aashish Singh

Casting Director: Shanoo Sharma


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