Nelson D’Souza
Vice President – International Distribution

Nelson D’Souza

As Vice President - International Distribution, Nelson D’Souza brings in over 25+ years of concrete experience in the entertainment vertical.

Nelson joined YRF in 2005 (as Senior Manager - UAE & GCC Operations) and since then has developed inroads in film distribution, TV and home video markets and set up distribution networks not only in the MENA region, but across the globe.

During his tenure, he has developed long-standing relationships in an impenetrable market which was predominantly captured by Hollywood players and has been instrumental in building a robust brand presence for YRF and bringing Indian cinema to mainstream multiplexes in key diaspora markets abroad.

He has successfully executed eye-catching, innovative marketing and PR ideas with local radio networks, TV, MNCs, government bodies, exhibition chains and campaigns to promote films and content distributed by YRF across the globe.

Prior to joining YRF, Nelson began his career with BMG (Bertelsmann Music Group) in India, following his passion for entertainment and music where he grew to become Director of Sales during his 10-year tenure.

His all-encompassing understanding of business of cinema in foreign markets is both far-sighted and valuable to YRF and its current league of distribution network.