1. What do you think about the music of Bachna Ae Haseeno ?

The music of Bachna Ae Haseeno is extremely young, it’s peppy. The music is composed by the music director duo Vishal-Shekar they are fantastic because they have a sound that’s young, peppy and fresh. My songs in the film are Aahista Aahista and Jogi Mahi, Aahista Aahista it has this lovely sound track and melody shot entirely in Switzerland, its when I am seventeen years old its first love for me, it personifies everything that is first love that is fresh, young, happy and new to you. It’s got a beautiful melody to it, Lucky Ali is one of my favourite singers and he has given the voice to Ranbir,the track is just beautiful, its something that you must listen to. The other song of mine in the film is Jogi Maahi it’s a song that comes later in the film, its more of a screenplay in a song,sort of a narrative that talks about the situation of the characters are in, it has a nice Punjabi beat to it, the lyrics are very fable which I don’t think we have heard from a long time in Hindi movies now it is going back to a sort of classic module which are songs use to be like but in a very modern, refreshing beat that is thumping, that is live and beats down upon you and leaves you remembering this song. The title track of the film Bachna Aee Hasseno which features all of us, it’s a foot thumping number, it’s a classic revisited and it is something that I am sure is going to catch on.

2. What is your favourite track from the film ?

My favourite track from the film is going to be mine because you hear it so many times and get it in your system, you have fallen in love with it even if it’s not the best track it is the best track for me so that would be Aahista Aahista and the title track of Bachna Aee Haseeno.

3. What was it about this film that made you decide to do it ?

I loved the story, I loved the fact that it was a beautiful love story and I loved the fact that I was playing two different characters. I play a seventeen year old who falls in love for the very first time, a girl for whom love means everything and I think at that age when you are seventeen a lot of us grow up feeling that way, feeling that love is everything we all can’t wait to fall in love and wait to find that perfect man of our dream so this is essentially every girls first love and first heart break that they go through so I think a lot of girls will end up reliving their first love that they go through so that was a very touching part about the character of Mahi,ofcourse the transformation that she goes through afterwards which you see later on in the film so it is a character where you play a seventeen year old and then you play someone later on whose been through some stuff in life so that’s what was really interesting about the character, you get to see completely different sides of her in the film

4. Can you tell us something about your character in the film ?

My character is Mahi and we see Mahi in two different phases of her life we see her as this young seventeen year old who’s going out into the world and cant wait to fall in love and find her perfect match, she is the complete Mills & Boons character who has grown up on a staple diet of Mills & Boons read them secretly at home without her parents knowing about it and discusses meeting her ideal man with her cousins who she is very close to and how she finds her first love, its her dream come true and later on in life you see her in a complete different situation six-years down the years where she is married and she has children and how life has gone a complete 180 degree turn for her from this happy girl who believed in love to a women who is married and only believes that her function in life is to be a dutiful wife, a dutiful mother, a dutiful daughter in-law a perfect housekeeper and a perfect women to her man and her children where something like love is completely cut off from her life and her existence and how one incident in life or how one major catastrophic incident in life enables changing a person’s world view that’s what Mahi is all about and its bit sweet in a way because you feel for her because she is started off as a character that’s completely different and when you see her at the end of the film you feel this whole sense of immense wastage of so much time that is wasted over cutting out love from your life and you feel the angst that she has gone through that a scar has left upon her when she was very young, I think everyone has gone through it we all change when we are scared very young in life and that’s what changes people and this is how this character changes, Mahi changes from this person who loves being in Love to someone who completely shunts it in her live and who lives a sort of emotionally robotic life.

5. What was your experience like working with Siddharth Anand ?

Siddharth is fantastic to work with he has made great films, he’s made Salaam Namaste which I loved as a film he made Tara Rum Pum it was great watching it because we haven’t tackled subjects like that out here, to make a film like Bachna Ae Haseeno which is again a young love story it was fantastic, Siddharth was casual on the sets he knows exactly what he wants, we are having fun on the sets while shooting w are still making great scenes so he is very clear about what he wants, it wasn’t like a director-actress relationship it was like we are all friends out there because we are all the same age group. It felt like we were making a project together and the energy of the set was up,fun and young so working with Siddharth really interesting.

6. Can you tell us about your experience working with Ranbir Kapoor ?

Working with Ranbir was fabulous, He is thorough gentleman everyone would have said that about him. Very well spoken, very well read he is someone who is well informed about what’s happening around him. He makes sure that his world is much more then just films so that way he is a very grounded young man, extremely talented and he’s fitted into his role, he’s playing roles that are of various age groups in the film from a young boy till he is about thirty so he’s fitted into that very well from his mannerism to his looks to his dressing to his body language he has just got into the skin of the character so well. we are young in our part and honestly while shooting we felt like we were seventeen we were doing stuff that we did when we were seventeen like going on rollercoaster rides and sneaking up and eating chocolates and ice-creams for our shots in the film so it was fun.He is really a lovely humanbeing to work with and extremely talented and he is definitely at the top.

7. Can you tell us something about working with Aki Narula and your styling in the film ?

Aki Narula is fantastic, he has given my character such distinct looks because I am playing a seventeen year old girl who is from Amritsar, the time frame is about 1996-1997 he has made the character look a bit modern in her dressing without loosing on the authenticity of the time period that she is and the age that she is playing therefore I love the colours that Aki has worked with, he has used bright colours and fun cuts and fun pattern and texturing for the look of my character. He has styled another look for me which comes later in the film, which is an Indian look and I just love his attention to detail,his attention to form and colour it is something that he is very good at,he has chosen bright colours for me which I love wearing and the character is Punjabi so therefore the bright colours do not make her loud but they just makes her fresh and endearing.

8. Can you tell us something about the shoot experience in Switzerland

My portions were shot in Switzerland,The chapter where Mahi is young where she meets Raj on a typical Euro Train journey. We shot in fantastic locations in Switzerland we shot in which is a world famous Skiing town we shot in Zurich and Rapunzel.We shot in Glacier 3000 it is freezing cold, I was freezing to death wearing thinnest of cotton I think after sometime its all about your mind conquering your body so you don’t think about the cold my body had become zero degrees but I was able to function. I was in this two seater rollercoaster we are going all over the place and the wind is whipping into you at a speed of 70km per hour and its cold icy wind whipping at you but then these are great experiences but the fact that they are experienced under such challenging situations that’s when they count the most and they are memorable to you.

9. Any one memorable incident that comes to your mind during the shoot of the film ?

The memorable incident is this on the Rollercoaster where Ranbir and me were sitting, it was a two seater rollercoaster and if you saw it you would think that no way I can sit on it, I would topple over because the ramp that it was on was less then 2 feet wide and you think is this thing going to stay or no? So you are on it, you just let go and the thing whizzes down it seems to never end and you are screaming on top f your lungs .