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“ISHAQZAADE” Music Released
16 April 2012

YRF Music's newest musical offering with its five inventive and inspiring tracks along with two remixes transports you in to the world of Ishaqzaade - the world of two fiery bloods played by Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra, and their fight for power and supremacy. A love story brewing in a small town… burning with hatred.

With a blend of the finest musical talents - music director Amit Trivedi and lyrics by Kausar Munir and Habib Faisal (for Chokra Jawaan), make sure you are ready for music that will take you into the realm of the ishaqzaade's as their turbulent journey unfolds in the often unrealistic and daunting political confines of rural India.

Ek oar badhne lagein jo
Ek dor bandhne lagein jo
Ek shor karne lagein jo
Do dil...
Ek chaal chalne lagein jab
Ek dhaal dhalne lagein jab
Ek thaal chakhne lagein jab
Do dil...
Judne lagein, lagein...
Do dilon ke jab kinaare
Udne lagein...
Ishaqzaade, Ishaqzaade, Ishaqzaade

This warm opening of the title track sets the premise of the song wonderfully rendered by Javed Ali and Shreya Ghoshal. Ishaqzaade reflects the progression of love between the young couple. This gently moving and beautifully written song celebrates the spirit of the movie - two people who were born to hate but destined to love…

Mere munna
Baat sun na haha
Ye jawaani nahin koi khilauna...
Ha toh aur kya hai?
Pehle jao
Seekh ke aao
Arre kya seekhu?
Pyaase nainon ki pyaas ko bujhaana...
Tabhi toh tabhi toh tabhi toh tabhi toh hoga
mua chokra jawaan re
Haiye haiye
Mua chokra jawaan re
Mua chokra jawaan re
Hoye hoye hoye hoye

A fun and naughty conversation between a boy and girl put to tune - that's Chokra Jawaan! Expertly written by Habib Faisal and effortlessly sung by Vishal Dadlani and Sunidhi Chauhan, Chokra Jawaan is an extremely jubilant and energetic number!

It has a very rustic attitude in its composition as well as its words. Nearly 60 dancers and 200 background artistes make this a true celebratory song of a 'chokra becoming jawaan.'

Amit chooses an ethnic route with this number in which the lyrics ask for melody organically. The beauty of Chokra Jawaan is in its fluidity - a wicked smooth conversation between a guy and a girl!

Naye naye naina mere dhoondhe hain, dar badar kyun tujhe...
Naye naye manzar yeh takte hain, iss kadar kyun mujhe...
Zara Zara pholon pe jhadne laga dil mera...
Zara Zara kaatoon se lagne laga dil mera...
Main Pareshaan, Pareshaan, Pareshaan, Pareshaan
Aaatishein woh kahan...Ranjishein hai dhuan...

A universal song of first love and finding yourself, a 'falling in love song', a song resonating the beautiful feeling of being in love with everything about the person you like, a song about that dilemma in your head when you are in love - Pareshaan is all this and much much more!

This romantic rock ballad has been sweetly rendered by Shalmali Kholgade and its beautiful fusion of rock beats with the harmonium has been perfectly blended by Amit, making it a real treat to listen to!

Sung by Shreya Ghoshal, Jhalla Wallah is the mujra song of the year! A fantastic blend of cleverly written and unadulterated lyrics like 'Oh! Aashiqon mein jiska title Titanic, mua kinaara dikhakar ke dubaa de gaya... jhalla, mera aashiq jhalla wallah' and 'Haiye samjha humne tha golden jubilee jisse, woh toh matinee dikhakar ke chumma le gaya...jhalla, mera aashiq jhalla wallah' add sheer brilliance to this song.

The look, feel and sound of Jhalla Wallah instantly takes you into the contemporary small town world of mujras which Amit has successfully recreated through his charming music.

Aafaton ke parinde, Ishaqzaade
Dil udaa denge phurr se, Ishaqzaade...
Ishq ko aazmaane, Ishaqzaade
Phadphadaate hain phir se, Ishaqzaade...

A rock vibe drives the song Aafaton Ke Parinde- a song that brings about a feeling of nostalgia of the era of lovers madly obsessed in love and who had the guts and the gumption to go to any extent to take on anything and everything that came in the way of their love. Suraj Jagan and Divya Kumar's voices bring about the much needed grunginess and 'jungliness' of the two fiery bloods in love.

Amit Trivedi has effectively experimented with 'Dubstep' in this track - overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns - a comparatively new genre in the Indian music scene, but which is sure to catch on.

Two first-rate remixes - PARESHAAN REMIX and JHALLA WALLAH REMIX - completes the music album.

Get your copy of this fun, raw and edgy album with an ethnic charm now!

Be an Ishaqzaada!

For Mobile Downloads: SMS IZ to 56060

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