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Yash Raj Films Crackdown On Pirates In USA
1 October 2003
Yash Raj Films (USA), Inc. has commenced a civil copyright infringement action in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois and obtained a temporary restraining order restraining the distribution of counterfeit/pirated copies of Yash Raj Films by various retail stores and their individual owners in Chicago, Illinois.

Following recent investigator purchases of counterfeit copies of Yash Raj Films at retail stores in the Devon Avenue area of Chicago, District Court Judge Amy St. Eve signed an Order requiring each of the store owners to Show Cause why the Court should not grant a preliminary injunction forbidding the stores from continuing to sell unauthorized VHS and DVD copies of Yash Raj Films.

In addition, the Court's Order authorized seizures of counterfeit copies of Yash Raj Films from Star Video at 2556 Devon Avenue and New Sabah Video at 2506 Devon Avenue in Chicago. Pursuant to the Court Order, working with United States Marshals and the law firm of Poppe & Bhouraskar, LLP, Yash Raj representatives seized counterfeit labels, and hundreds of counterfeit VHS cassettes and DVD's of Yash Raj Films including counterfeit copies of "Koi…Mil Gaya" and numerous other Yash Raj films, and multiple-title and compilation DVD's containing pirated copies of Yash Raj films from Star Video and New Sabah.

The recent U.S. Federal Court action serves as a warning that Yash Raj working with RIAA, city, state and federal law enforcement agencies and its attorneys, Poppe & Bhouraskar, intends to identify and prosecute all parties across the U.S. and Canada that are manufacturing and selling counterfeit VHS cassettes and DVD's containing Yash Raj Films.

For further information regarding Yash Raj Films please contact Jawahar Sharma/Vaibhav Rajput at Yash Raj (USA) Inc. at: +1 (718) 786 3311 or us.office@yashrajfilms.com.

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