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Gaja Gamini

Gaja Gamini
Released on: 1 December 2000
Cast: Madhuri Dixit, Farida Jalal, Shilpa Shirodkar, Inder Kumar, Kalpana Pandit, Raseema Husain
Supporting Cast: Dinesh Hingoo, Manmaujee, Abbas Ali, Pankaj Jaggi, Aakanshee, Jasbir (Jassi), Ravi Ujjain, Nirmal Soni, Rahul Tiwari, Vishal Shah, Ajay Kathuria, Rauf Sheikh Browny, Krishna Bhatt, Laxmi, Narsingh Yadav, Pawan Kumar, Raju Singh, & Rocky (Dog)
Directed by: M.F. Husain
Produced by: Rakesh Nath
Distributed by: Yash Raj Films in India & Overseas
Music: Bhupen Hazarika
Cinematography: Ashok Mehta
Choreography: Saroj Khan & Jojo Khan

Gaja Gamini - born out of the black brick wall of Pandharpur. The wall a metaphor so also Gaja Gamini. The Wall that does not stand alone, the wall that does not divide but brings together two spaces ... two ages... These same elements are mirrored in Gaja Gamini. As she moves forward & leaves the wall behind, she manifests herself in four different characters - Sangeeta, Shakuntal, Monica & Mona Lisa.

The film is an operatic ballet, punctuated with colours & music. The entire film oscillates between illusion & reality. It is the journey of a woman called Gaja Gamini - who is suspended in time and space along with a spectrum of characters taken from art, history, music & poetry. A journey through the eyes of a painter. These characters, who voice the aesthetics of feminine beauty, act as points of reference & are in constant dialogue with each other on the essence & identity of a woman - GAJA GAMINI.

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