• All our DVDs are NTSC format - "0" region, which are "ALL REGION" COMPATIBLE DVDs.

  • Please contact helpdesk@yashrajfilms.com for any further clarifications.

  • It has come to our notice that counterfeit DVD's of Yash Raj Films Home Entertainment titles are being offered in the market. Yash Raj Films wish to advise all retailers, wholesalers, distributors and the consumer, not to buy, sell, stock, rent these counterfeit copies as you will be infringing Yash Raj Films copyright and breaking the law.

    To assist you in distinguishing between the original and counterfeit DVDs, we have put down some points you must look out before buying any YRF product:
    1. Check whether the main DVD box has an original Yash Raj Films 3D hologram and is not a cheap replication of the same, viz. just a silver foil with the Y logo and the words Yash Raj Films printed in the background.
    2. Please refer to the original DVD cover/sleeve design of each movie, on its Product page (under the "Product Showcase " section). Note that the pirated DVD sleeve design would be of a very poor quality and can easily be differentiated vis-à-vis the original.
    3. Note that all our DVDs come with optional English subtitles and are not a part of the actual movie. Hence you have an option to see the movie, with or without subtitles.
    4. Most importantly, please crosscheck whether the DVD special features of the title selected match with the ones given on our Website.

    Note that the above-mentioned details are just basic pointers to help you distinguish between original and pirated DVDs.

    Please note that there are pirated DVD's in the market packed in Blu-ray format of all our movies. We have come across one such pirated product, which is being sold in the name of "Speed Movie". Although this product looks like a Blu-ray (which is quality viewing in High Definition quality), but contains Standard Definition quality with the content further compressed in DVD-5. Kindly refrain from these illegal / counterfeit sub standard products. For your reference, our website also has pictures with packaging of all our Blu-ray titles.

    Disclaimer: The buyer is solely responsible for purchasing pirated titles available elsewhere and Yash Raj Films Pvt. Ltd. or its associates do not hold any responsibility for the same. Remember, to protect yourself, always buy from a reliable retailer and insist on a receipt that mentions the title(s) being purchased.

    Yash Raj Films have recently issued court proceedings following counterfeit and pirate videos appearing in the market place and shall have no hesitation in repeating those steps to protect their goodwill and reputation. If in any doubt, call your "Local Trading Standards Authority" for clarifications. If you know anyone who is stocking, hiring or selling any counterfeit Yash Raj Films titles around your area, please report the same to the "Anti-Piracy Cell" in your country or inform Yash Raj Films on helpdesk@yashrajfilms.com 

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