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Aditya Chopra contributes in totality to the creation of films and other fast expanding business activities of the company.

The hands-on approach is complemented by a professional environment where the senior management is aided by a hand-picked team of professionals, each with a very enviable track record in his own sphere. While each of the professionals function independently, the uniqueness of their performance comes from a sense of belonging to a Company that they are proud to be associated with.

Distribution: Mr. Sahdev Ghei
Home Entertainment & Licensing: Mr. Vijay Kumar
Production: Mr. Aashish Singh
International Operations: Mr. Avtar Panesar
Finance, Business Affairs & YRF Studios: Mr. Akshaye Widhani
Y-Films, Brand Partnerships & Talent Management: Mr. Ashish Patil
Digital & New Media: Mr. Anand Gurnani
Marketing & Merchandising: Mr. Manan Mehta

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