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Yash Raj Films Cracks Down On Copyright Infringers In Chicago, USA
7 April 2006

Yash Raj Films (USA) Inc.’s policy of working will federal and state law enforcement agencies to fight media piracy across the United States and in Canada and commencing civil actions for damages against copyright infringers continues to be successful.

Yash Raj has obtained substantial civil judgments for copyright infringement against the owners and operators of two Chicago businesses, Geet Video and India Books and Music, and have settled Yash Raj’s infringement claims against the owner of a third store, Video Vision.

In December, 2003, Yash Raj cooperated with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and the Chicago Police Department in seizing approximately 97,000 DVD’s, audio cassettes, videocassettes and CD’s containing counterfeit and pirated copies of Indian films and music, hundreds of video copying machines, copies of counterfeit artwork, VHS labels and counterfeit holograms, computers, business records, and equipment and supplies used for packaging counterfeit products from the six retail locations:

1. Geet Video, 6353 N. Western Avenue
2. Devika Five Star, 2502 W. Devon Avenue
3. India Books, 2729 W. Devon Avenue
4. Raj Video, 2515 W. Devon Avenue
5. Videotron, 2331 W. Devon Avenue
6. Video Vision, 2524 W. Devon Avenue

Following successful criminal prosecutions of the owners of these stores, Yash Raj through its attorneys, Poppe & Bhouraskar, LLP, filed civil copyright infringement claims against the owners of each of the stores in United States District Court.

The recent District Court judgments serve as a warning that Yash Raj intends to pursue persons and businesses that duplicate, display or distribute illegal, unauthorized copies of any and all films to which Yash Raj holds the copyrights and prosecute such infringers to the fullest extent of the law.

Working with RIAA, city, state and federal law enforcement agencies and its attorneys, Poppe & Bhouraskar, Yash Raj intends to identify and prosecute all parties manufacturing and selling counterfeit VHS cassettes and DVD’s containing Yash Raj motion pictures and audio albums.

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